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Apr 28, 2022

Kati interviews a critical care nurse practitioner who helps transform traditional ICUs into "Awake and Walking ICUs". Kali Dayton defines what one is, the harms of deep sedation, benefits of increased mobility, and how deep sedation negatively impacts patients long after discharge with stories from survivors. You...

Apr 21, 2022

In this episode, Kati answers the following questions about malpractice insurance:

  • Does it make me a target for a lawsuit?
  • Won't my hospital's insurance cover me?
  • Does it cover criminal charges?
  • What's the difference between a claims-based policy vs. an occurrence-based policy?
  • What do policies typically cover?


Apr 6, 2022

This week, Kati interviews Lorie Brown, who is both a nurse and lawyer. She works to help nurses protect their licenses, and offers her legal perspective on this case.

Show notes are located here: 

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Apr 1, 2022

In this episode, Kati does a deep dive into the case of RaDonda Vaught, who was recently convicted of criminal charges after a medical error. She discusses the event itself, the charges, legal considerations, and her personal perspective.

Part 2 will be an interview with a nurse who is also a lawyer, which will drop...